Ceramic Pro Bismarck Services


Ceramic Pro is the best nano-ceramic coating on the market for your automobile or marine vessel. No other competitor in the industry can match the level of protection, customer satisfaction and shine that the line of products can provide. At Ceramic Pro Columbus we offer several different packages to meet all of our clients needs. With five automotive packages offered including Gold, Silver, Bronze, Sport and Wheel and Caliper there is something for every auto owner from the enthusiast to the daily driver. All of the automotive packages are backed by warranties that range from six-month warranties all the way up to lifetime warranties.

We also offer Ceramic Pro outside of automotive industries. If you’re interested in adding the benefits to your home, industrial equipment, big rigs or marine vessels then we can help you out as well. With CP Bismarck we protect the things you care about.

Clear bra is the most protective form of paint protection on the market. It’s that simple. If you’re looking for the highest grade of protection that truly prevents rock chip damage then this is definitely the answer. At Ceramic Pro Bismarck we offer four options of clear bra coating: The Bumper and Headlights kit, the Partial Kit (very popular amongst roadster owners), The Full Front Kit and the Entire Vehicle. When you add clear bra to your vehicle you also get the added benefits of the self-healing properties. This self healing technology heals itself in the sun when damaged by rock chips. With the clear bra packages offered we provide the paint protection both you and your vehicle need.

Protect your investment!

If you’re looking for a great detail in Bismarck then you have come to the right place. Our detailers are certified and specialize in making your car feel clean again. Our mission is to make you feel like you’re jumping into a new car for the first time. With different packages offered ranging from exterior touch up detailing, exterior clay and polish, interior detailing and concours correction, we remove the stains and dings and shape your vehicle to yesteryear. With marring and swirling removal available your old looking car can be brought back to life with the services provided at Ceramic Pro Bismarck!

Nothing adds value to your windows like the addition of window tint. With added protection for both you and your vehicle, tint adds a practical, aesthetically pleasing compliment. We carry two types of tint at our shop. The first is the Ceramic Tint that will never block or interfere with radio, cellular or Bluetooth signals. The Ceramic film reduces the mount of UV rays that are able to enter the cabin and limits unnecessary attention to the interior space of your cabin. The second tint we carry is Infrared. Infrared provides top tier protection from UV rays and can prevent up to 99% of rays from entering the vehicle. All of our films are non-metal so they’ll never interfere with any signals entering or exiting the vehicle.