Auto Detailing Packages


Ceramic Pro Bismarck knows the ins and outs of car detailing. It’s what drives us to get up every morning. Having a car roll into our shop and then having that car leave in a completely different, upgraded condition is satisfying on several levels. If you’re looking in preserving the shine and luster of your vehicles interior or exterior then the car detailing services offered will help immensely. Our well-trained techs use the best tools and detailing products around and will get, and keep, your car cleaner for longer.

When you add the car detailing services offered at our shop, each car will leave in an upgraded pristine condition. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level detail package like the Exterior Touch Up, or our high-end Concours Correction in preparation of a car auction or a car show. Regular detailing helps preserve value in vehicles and helps maintain its value. Our services offered are a far cry from a simple interior vacuum and wash, we meticulously clean the tough to get to crevices and leave your car feeling clean again! Please scroll down to find additional information regarding the detailing packages offered at our shop.

The best way to protect your investment!

Exterior Touch Up

This package includes a thorough exterior car wash, deep cleaning of wheels and rims, window washing and tire shine.

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Clay and Polish

This package includes a deep cleaning car wash, detailing of wheels, clay bar and paint polish (one stage correction).

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Concourse Correction

This package includes a car wash, clay bar services, compound polish, wet sand (if necessary), removal of paint defects and a wheel and tire detail.

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Interior Detail

This package includes an extensive interior vacuum, thorough interior surface wipe down and cup holder cleaning.

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