Ceramic Pro Bismarck offers paint protection coatings to North Dakota. Patrick, the owner of the company, has a background in industrial and automotive industries. In a market where paint quickly gets deteriorated and is exposed to insect acids a passion arose to protect these surfaces. With ASC certified technicians on site that have a background and passion for auto body and protective coatings. Ceramic Pro Bismarck has raised the bar for auto detailing in Bismarck and is an innovator in ceramic coatings in the region.

Ceramic Pro Bismarck continues to thrive in delivering high quality detailing services that provide immense practicality to the area. Ceramic Pro Bismarck has diverse areas of expertise including automotive, industrial and home. With the rise in ceramic paint coatings and practicality to far ranging industries we help you protect what you care about. We are professionals that you can trust with your car and we protect the things you care about.

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1347 S. 22nd St. Unit 30
Bismarck, 58504


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